K-Drama couples’ Valentine’s day

Fasten your seat belts, Valentine’s Day is on its way! For some, it is the d-day waited for all year long, and for others, it is completely a nightmare. But for our K-drama couples, Valentine’s Day is not necessary as their loves are so intense and magical that they do not need a special day to show it.

Korea is couple-land. When you walk in the streets of Seoul, you can get lost in the flood of couples. And if you are a couple in Korea, you hit the jackpot. Almost everything is for couples such as couple menus, couple clothes, couple discounts…. Couples have special things to eat, special places to go, special outfits to wear, and special plans to follow. In other words, each day is Valentine’s Day for K-couples. So, let’s check how our K-drama couples celebrate their love every day.

Couple Clothes


If you are a couple in Korea, you should announce it to the world. And the best way to do this is wearing couple clothes! Our K-couples are also following this couple-look trend, and they wear matching outfits from head to toe to show their love for each other. And while saying “from head to toe”, I was not joking.

Couple Toys


Well, although they are couples, they also have separate lives (sort of). They need to continue their daily routines in some way, so they cannot be together all the time. That’s why our lovers need something to remember their love while they are not next to each other. When it is the case, here come the couple toys! It can be a keychain, phone accessory, pin or whatever. You just need something that will remind you of your bae when you look at it. Cute, huh?



While it is pretty cold in Korea nowadays, one of the best couple activities is ice-skating. It does not matter if you cannot skate like Kim Yuna. It will just be fun when you hold your bae’s hand and try not to fall on the slippery rink. Our couples share these funny moments in various dramas where they fall, laugh, and enjoy together. There is nothing more romantic than warm laughter anyway.

Namsan Tower


The Namsan Tower (or N Seoul Tower) can be the most popular destination for couples. It has a spectacular view of Seoul, especially when the sun goes down and all the city lights begin shining like diamonds. On the top, there are also padlocks of love, which couples can use to lock their “hearts” together and promise that their love will last forever. The Namsan Tower is also a must-go spot for K-drama couples. They never miss the chance to create loving memories together by watching romantic Seoul, and locking their lock of love.

Taking Selcas


Okay, it might not be special only for couples, but still we must admit K-couples put great effort into this business. Koreans are the masters of taking selfies. I am not even mentioning their third arm, the selfie-stick (or what they call selca-bong). Our K-drama couples also love taking selcas every chance they get and sharing their happiness on social media to eternalise their romantic moments. They are humans like us after all, aren’t they?

Amusement park


Who does not love amusement parks with all those magical carousels, crazy roller coasters, and colourful lights? Our couples are not exceptions as well. They love going to amusement parks and collecting happy memories with their baes. Each love has its own story, and the K-drama couples love being the main characters of their own fairy-tales in amusement parks.

Wish all of you an epic love like the ones in K-dramas. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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