Korean restaurants in London

    Sadly, I left my beautiful hometown and moved to the UK recently. London is renown for its fascinating international cuisine restaurants. So, since I am here, I thought I should try various Korean restaurants in London. From now on, I will introduce you a review series about Korean restaurants that I have been to. Last week, I visited one called “On the Bab”. It was an amazing restaurant for the start!

You have to wait outside until they call you 🙂

    Opened firstly in Old Street in 2013, then opened also to Covent Garden, Marylebone and St Paul’s, On the Bab is a restaurant which specialised on Korean street food. It aims to introduce people the ‘daily eating habits of Korea’ by their own definition. On the Bab, you can experience Topokki (떡볶이) or Pa Jeon (파전) that are the classics of Korean street food culture which you can find almost every corner in the streets of Korea. As well as street foods, you can find home foods such as Bibimbap (비빔밥) and Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개) which are always eaten in any Korean house. In addition, you can experience Anju which is a tradition that you can enjoy sharing plates while drinking alcohol with your loved ones.  You can try Anju by doing Chimaek, which is to enjoy Yangyum chicken with ice cold beer. While doing this, they fuse the classic Korean street food and traditional home food concept with an avant-garde presentation, so there becomes a hip restaurant with always smiling, warm-hearted servers which is a perfect concept choice for an alternative place like Shoreditch.


    When we got there, we ordered Topokki(떡볶이), Japchae(잡채), Kimchi(김치), Yangyum Chicken(양념치킨), and Kun Mandu(군만두) with a bottle of Soju. All of the foods were contemporarily presented, and the taste of the foods were amazingly delicious. The taste was exactly the same with the ones in Korea. Topokki made me remember my days when I used to come back from school late at night very hungry and bought Topokki and Fish Cake from the vendor at the corner of my house. Yangyum Chicken made me remember my invaluable Friday nights when I used to meet with friends under the tent of an ajumma’s (old lady) vendor eating Yangyum Chicken, drinking beer and laughing with joy…


    If you want to try something different or experience a fun Korean daily eating customs, On the Bab is the perfect address for it. Make sure you stop by On the Bab when you come to London.

Restaurant website: http://onthebab.co.uk

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